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'Borneo' conjures in minds of the traveller's images of exotic experiences in its jungles. It fulfils the imagination of the incentive and conference achievers, motivating them to achieve their goals and ultimately, their company's goals. For the discerning traveller who has the passion for travel, the expectation of the unusual experiences is fulfilled.

Life In Borneo is one of the fastest growing informative portal providing you information about Borneo and the lifestyle in Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei. Ranging from the events going on, good places to eat, the most happening spots in town, adventurous places to explore, places to relax, shopping and much much more.

Experience their warm friendly smiles and hospitality of the multi-racial society consisting of mainly Malay, Ethnic Natives, Chinese and Indians - wherever you are in Malaysian Borneo - in its towns and villages. There are over 33 ethnic native tribes in Borneo, each with its distinct ethnic rituals and performances. Some still live in Longhouses - see their unique lifestyle during a visit to a Longhouse – Iban, or Rungus tribe or any other tribe. English, Malay and Chinese is widely spoken and understood.

Destination Borneo offers tour packages for visits to attractions in Sabah. Tour packages ranges from historical war to nature, adventure to leisure tours.